How to play Bingo

Bingo is around for several years and many players today are still excited to play it.  Well, it is very simple to play and enjoyable too! Bingo has evolved in Harrah and the Sahara Casinos. Today, casinos offer Bingo games that allow them to play using multiple cards. These make the game more exciting and fun.

Each card is different, and the BINGO is located horizontally on the top of the card.  Below each number, you can see five numbers in boxes. The space below the letter N is FREE, and you wouldn’t see any number in it.  The objective of it is to the numbers you called, and you mark off numbers in a straight line.

The numbers were used to be marked by beans. Today, the cards are made of thin paper that’s intended for modern Bingo players.  Most casinos have specific schedules within the day when the Bingo game would begin.  You can play a series of Bingo games, and you would receive multiple cards. If you don’t want to miss the games, you shouldn’t be late at the venue.

Offline & Online

Bingo games usually take more than one hour to play. The game is enjoyable and more fun to play at a lower cost compared to craps or blackjack.  The Bingo prize runs to $100 or more in each game you play. After you buy a ticket, you spread out the Bingo cards on the table.

Here are the following steps you need to follow in playing online:

  1. You mark the free space on the card as you hear the numbers.
  2. Cover the called numbers on the card and take note of the numbers you need to have for you to win the game.
  3. Once you see the winning combinations, you yell “Bingo” and wait for the host to check your card. If somebody also shouts Bingo, you let the host check the person’s card. There are sometimes errors in the game so don’t lose hope.
  4. You wait for the next game to begin and listen to the instructions. If you’re the winner of the next game, the host will bring you the prize.

Food and drinks are allowed in the bingo hall. Also, electronic bingo devices are permitted in some casinos. With these electronic devices, the cards of the players are scanned, and the player is notified once he or she has the winning card.  You can play many cards due to these electronic devices.

Internet development offers chances to play many Bingo games every day. All you need is a computer and internet access, and you’re set to play Bingo even if you’re at home. You can expect a lot of fun and excitement when you play online Bingo games.

There’s more to online Bingo than the cards.  Bingo websites would offer you fun stuff that you would be glad to see.  Bingo-online provides you bingo news, comments, and pictures of past winners. You can also have updated info on the latest Bing events and tournaments.

Here are the following steps how you can play Bingo online:

  1. You sign up for your user name so that you can claim rewards and prizes. You have to enter a valid address so that you can create your user name.
  2. You would receive three cards each game like the other players.
  3. The Bingo numbers are called by random, and you listen to the numbers that match your card.
  4. You daub your cards by clicking the mouse
  5. Once your card matches the pattern, you would click the Bingo button.


One of the exciting things about playing Bingo is the prizes. You have a chance to gain substantial rewards if you’re lucky to match the pattern with your card.  But, you don’t expect the stakes to be high on online Bingo. The set amount for Bingo games in most Bingo websites are bingo bucks. The straight line might give you 20 bingo bucks.

If another player also wins the bingo bucks, you and the other player would share the prize. You can redeem 1,000 bingo bucks that are equivalent to a $10 gift certificate.  If you want to receive more winnings, you can play blackout that might reach 1,500 bingo bucks. You can play for days, but you might have a hard time to reach the big price you desire.

Online bingo also provides you a chance to communicate with other players. You can chat and other players and vice versa.  Most players don’t have a chance to chat because they’re focused on the game. You can talk to a player privately by using Private Chat.

Come now and play Bingo online or on land-based casino! Get ready to have fun and enjoy!