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Game Reviews 13-04-2019

Golden Keno Online Review

If you like to Keno at a landbased casino or online then this game is perfect for you! Golden Keno from HPG (Holland Power Gaming) , is an exclusive online casino game at Goldrun which has a really cool twist. When starting the game, 3 golden numbers appear randomly on non-chosen spots before the 20 […]

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blogposts 18-03-2019

Bingo+2Ball Keno

Some players call it Bingo2 Ball while others call it 2ballbingo or Holland Casino Keno. I am of course talking about the Keno Game, which is among the top 3 most played games at Holland Casino. If you ever been to the Landbased Casino in the Netherlands, you probably noticed this famous game? You’ll find […]

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Bingo Games 17-03-2019

History of Keno

The Keno game originated in ancient China and was created by Cheung Leung. During the war, the people in the city where Cheung Leung lived refuse to offer additional help to the army for fear of their safety. So, Leung devised a plan to raise money, and from here Keno was born. Leung based Keno […]

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