History of Keno

The Keno game originated in ancient China and was created by Cheung Leung. During the war, the people in the city where Cheung Leung lived refuse to offer additional help to the army for fear of their safety. So, Leung devised a plan to raise money, and from here Keno was born.

Leung based Keno on the poem “The Thousand Character Classic” that consisted of 1, 000 different characters. Leung used the 120 characters from the poem and put them into a board. You can imagine that the board is similar to the modern lotto board that we’re using today.

A player would place a bet when the counters land after it’s thrown to the board. Players were permitted to place ten bets. They use an ink pen for you to mark your bet on the board.  The Keno Spots term is referred to the links that players see on the board during that time.

Popularity in China

When the army saved the village, Keno became popular in China. According to legend, the money from playing Keno was used to build the Great Wall of China. People nicknamed Keno as the White Pigeon Game because pigeons were used to send the winning numbers to the villages and cities around China.

People would patiently wait for the pigeon to deliver them the winning numbers. After many years, the Keno now only has 90 characters from the original 120 characters.  When Keno reached the US, the characteristics of the game were reduced to 80 characters.

Keno in the United States

Chinese immigrants traveled to the United States during the 1800s to work on the railroads. During that time, gambling was illegal in the US, but Keno pushed through as a famous game here. The center of the railroad work was in San Francisco.

After long hours at work, Chinese immigrants would relax and play Keno. If you were in San Francisco during that time, you see many immigrants play Keno after work. The Americans termed it as the Chinese lottery, and they became interested in playing it.

The Chines characters on the Keno cards were changed to Arabic numerals so that English speakers would be comfortable playing it. From here, the Keno game flourished in different parts of the US that resulted in the opening of Keno casinos.

The Beginning 

The casinos during the early twentieth century are different from the casinos you see today. Since the arrival of the Keno Casino in the US, its numbers were reduced to 80.  These 80 numbers were written on paper, and it’s rolled into tubes.

At the game’s starter, 20 numbers drawn from these tubes. The numbers from these, are winning Keno numbers. But, the machines were later replaced by wooden balls that have numbers. These wooden balls are called as peas.

A casino owner in Nevada, Warren Nelson had the idea to draw numbered balls from a moving cage. During 1936, Nelson offered his first Keno casino game.  The Keno casino was successful, and the payout increased in the following years.

Then, the birth of the internet created a significant change to the casino in the US. Computers offered casino players a fast and efficient way of playing casino games. Today, many casinos have computers. Here, you would find Keno cages that provide you excellent gameplay. During the 1990s there the development of the online keno game came into prominence.

Online Keno Casinos

The excitement brought by Keno leveled up during the development of the internet. Players are always thrilled to win prizes, and Keno casinos offered them the satisfaction they need. The online Keno is played based on the original concept of the game.

In the online Keno version, you’re offered a board that has 80 numbers, and you can choose up to 15 from these numbers. The computer would choose the winning Keno numbers. The players win determined by the numbers of the players that match the winning numbers.

Today, you would observe that there are millions of players who play online Keno. The rich history of the game and Keno mechanics make this game famous in different parts of the world.  There are lots of Keno venues in various states that offer the excitement of the game.

The Keno Glory

With its millions of players, it’s no doubt that Keno Is Chinese legacy that most gamers love to play. It’s incredible to think that it is more than 3,000 years old. Here, we could see that the Keno has created a game that would last for many years.

Keno would continue to entertain gamers across the globe that would have fun and enjoy the game.  It makes a big difference in the gambling industry, and future players would be excited to play it.

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