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How to Play Keno

Do you want to have fun while you’re playing at an online or land-based casino? Well, keno is one of the simplest games you could give try! It’s similar to bingo, but keno is played more often and a bit faster. Guess, which number from 1 to 80 the kenocomputer draws.

Online keno is fun and exciting and provides fun and enjoyment. If you’re a frequent visitor in land-based casinos, then you might observe players who are playing keno. You would curious on how the game works, and you might play it as well. But, do you know how to play it?

Here are the following steps how you can play keno in land-based casinos:

  1. In numbers arranged in eight rows, you mark anywhere the 1 to 20 numbers you would see on the card.
  2. You take your card to the keno writer, and you place a bet that the numbers you selected in the 20 numbers would be drawn. The bet is equivalent to $1 minimum.
  3. After the numbers are drawn, winning tickets are paid depending on the table that’s different from every house. Due to the variation, no payback percentage would be called Paybacks range from 70% below to more than 80%.

Strategy and Bets

Keno might be an exciting and enjoyable game, but it’s quite expensive for some players.  A series of games in the kenolounge or the casino might be costly for you. So, you would prefer to play a buck per time in the lounge as you’re served with free drinks.

If you want to be serious on the game, there’s an excellent strategy to make things easy for you. You can compare the pay tables, and you play in the house that offers the most number of spots you have. Sorry but there’s no strategy for selecting the numbers in the card. You have to guess and choose the 20 lucky numbers.

A keno game wouldn’t be exciting if the players wouldn’t play bets.  After you choose the numbers, you might use the following bets:

  • Straight Ticket: If you marked the number on a single wager, that’s called straight ticket.  It’s one of the simplest ways for you to make a bet, but other players want to make a series of combinations. For instance, you might mark six numbers then circle two numbers in three groups.
  • King Ticket: The numbers that have its circle is called the King that you can use in the combinations marked. For example, the previous marked number is called as the king.  You could mark “2/4 or “1/7” so that you can bet two 4 number combinations.
  • Combination Ticket: In this bet, you mark several combinations and groupings of numbers. For example, the ticket two, three or a four group numbers could be played as 1/2, 1/3 and so on.

Playing Online

Do you know how to play keno online? If not, we will fill your excitement by giving you easy steps:

  1. You select your wager amount through increasing or decreasing the size of your coins.
  2. Next, you choose the lucky keno numbers on the keno board. You would see 80 numbers, and you can choose from 1 to 15 depending on your strategy. Your chosen numbers would be highlighted in blue on the board.
  3. Then, you select the “Play Button,” and keno board would shoot out 20 numbers that would give the keno numbers. You would get a hit when a winning numbers match the numbers you selected. When you have enough hits, you’re the winner!


Your win on keno would be determined by the numbers you selected and the hits you have achieved.  For example, you choose one keno number, and the number hits, you win 3 coins.  Players who select four numbers and four number hits would receive 3 coins.

Five hits would offer you 6 coins. Six hits would provide you 19 coins, and 8 hits would give you 720 coins. If you select the fifteen numbers max, and fifteen of the coins hit, you would receive 10, 000 coins!

You can always see the payout schedule on the screen so don’t worry about experiencing mixed up while you’re playing keno. You would have fun and enjoy the game, and you collect your rewards.

Keno doesn’t only require luck but also strategy as well. With the simple playing steps, you can be competitive with other players. Are you ready to play keno today? Then, it’s time for you to learn the rules and enjoy the game.

Whether it’s online or land-based, keno is a fantastic game you could play with your friends. Have fun!